Szent Gaál Kastély és Borház

Our winery is located in Szentgál close to Szekszárd, right next to the small castle that functions as the headquarters of the estate. We farm 25 hectares of land and our plantations are in some of the best vinegrowing areas of Szekszárd: Baranya Valley, Strázsa Hill and Várdomb Vineyard. The majority of our wines are made from selected grapes and aged in barrels. Our goal is to produce juicy, supple wines which are in line with the traditions of the wine region. Our chief winemaker József Rappay was born and raised in the region but in recent years has also worked at leading international wineries.


Address: 7173 Zomba, Szentgál-szőlőhegy 82.

Phone: +36 20 555 2321




Area under vine: 25 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 100.000

Languages: hungarian, english

Credit card: no

Opening hours: visit only by appointment