Németh János Pincészet

Our family has been growing vine and making wines for generations so I made my decision at an early age to follow in their footsteps.
The cellar and the press house built by my grandparents and the newly built winery stand on the Iván-völgyi Hill. Our parcels are situated in some of the best vineyards of the Szekszárd wine region. The wines are made by relying both on traditional methods and modern technology. They go through an ageing process in barrels lasting 14-24 months before being bottled. My goal is to make red wines with a unique personality which display the fruity, spicy character and the weight and elegance that the region’s wines are known for.


Address: Szekszárd, Iván-völgy, hrsz. 9679.

Phone: +36 20 516 8457

E-mail: nemeth.janos@njp.hu

Website: www.njp.hu


Area under vine: 10 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 40.000

Languages: hungarian, english, german

Credit card: no

Opening hours: visit only by appointment