Lajvér Borbirtok

Our winery is located in Szálka at the heart of the Szekszárd wine region. Our goal is to marry the noblest traditions of Szekszárd with the options offered by the latest technological advances. Our intention was to create a show winery where visitors can not only get an insight into winemaking but also participate in exquisite cultural and culinary experiences. This is why we have opened Lajvér Borbisztró and created a menu with the specific aim to provide a special experience: in our selection of dishes innovation and tradition go hand in hand with matching Lajvér wines.


Address: 7121 Szálka, 07/28. hrsz.

Phone: +36 74 509 524




Area under vine: 26 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 120.000

Languages: hungarian, english, german

Credit card: yes

Opening hours (Official opening hours/visit by appointment): 8:00-15:30, wine tasting with optional food only by appointment