Garai Pince

It was in 2013 that our small family cellar found its home in a wonderful Sárköz press house built in 1883 on Nyéki Hill. At the moment we farm 1,5 hectares and buy grapes from several hectares in Szekszárd. Besides the typical reds of Szekszárd we also bottle a wide selection of whites and rosés. Groups from 6 people are welcome to enjoy our homely dishes and wine tasting in our cellar and on the roofed wine terrace offering a breathtaking view. Children can play in our playground or visit the cooperage exhibition.


Address: 7148 Bátaszék, Nyéki-hegy, Alsónyék, hrsz. 878.

Phone: +36 20 945 4377




Area under vine: 1,5 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 6.000

Languages: hungarian, german

Credit card: no

Opening hours: Cellar visits and wine tasting with optional food only by appointment.