Tüske Pince

The name of the winery refers to the nickname of my wife’s grandfather (’Tüske’ meaning ’thorn’). After working for ten years at a big corporation I started farming my 4 hectare holding that came into my posession through the property restitution. Today we own 12 hectares of vineyards in some of the best plots in the region including Iván-völgy, Baranya-völgy, Kerék Hill and Leányvár. The plantations are quite young and the planted varieties are kékfrankos, kadarka, merlot and cabernet franc. I believe that what is best for the plants is also the best for me.
The harvest is vinified at a homestead built at the bottom of Iván-völgy in 2009, and the barrel ageing is done in a hundred plus year old cellar carved in loess in Istifán-gödör.


Address: 7100 Szekszárd,Sárköz u. 31.

Phone: +36 30 215 8774

E-mail: halmai@tuskepince.hu

Website: www.tuskepince.hu


Area under vine: 12 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 30-35.000

Languages: hungarian, english (basic)

Credit card: no

Opening hours: On workdays: 7:00-15:00, at other times by appointment.