Ifj. Márkvárt János

Ours is a family of native Szekszárdians with Swabian roots. It was in 1996 that me and my grandfather restarted the family winery. We grow grapes in the following vineyards: Baranya Valley, Faluhely, Sauli Valley, Jobb Remete, Bakta, Gyűszű Valley. The crown jewels of our estate are the two goblet-trained old vine kadarka plantations, one of which was planted in 1935, the other one might be even older but without documentation there is no way to accurately establish its age. Today our paths have partially parted with my grandfather.
I’m a self-taught winemaker and from the very beginning my aim has been to preserve the fruit character in my wines. All through the noughties I kept on experimenting with barrels but today they no longer play an important role in my winemaking, I haven’t bought a barrel since 2009.
My aim remains unchanged: I want to express Szekszárd through kékfrankos, kadarka and bull’s blood. Most of my wines are bottled under screwcap and it fits the style of the winery like a glove.


Address: 7100 Szekszárd, Fürdőház u. 20.

Phone: + 36 20 492 4311

E-mail: markvartjani@gmail.com

Website: www.markvart.hu


Area under vine: 5,2 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 18.000

Languages: hungarian

Credit card: no

Opening hours (Official opening hours/visit by appointment): only by appointment