Szekszárdi terroir

Anyone striving to produce top quality wines will attest to the claim that great wines are born in the vineyard and the highest aim of the vinification and ageing process is to preserve the original qualities of the harvest. Therefore the key to understanding Szekszárd wine is to explore its terroir.


In recent years on hearing the name of Szekszárd many people also think of cooperation and shared effort. Local winemakers have indeed done a lot to strengthen the cohesion of their community through regional single variety wine tastings, wine events for the general public and devising a Szekszárd strategy.

Szekszárd bottle

It was this spirit of cooperation that brought about the development of the Szekszárd bottle. This bottle is exclusively reserved for the leading wine categories of the region: Szekszárd Bikavér, kékfrankos and kadarka. The wines are selected by a committee in blind tasting sessions thereby guaranteeing that the wines marketed in these bottles are faultless expressions of the variety and the wine style and reflect the local terroir.