Cooperation in Szekszárd

With the collapse of communism winemakers found themselves in a new situation: they were no longer told from above what to do and how to do it; they had to make their own decisions and take responsibilty for their actions. This proved to be a long process full of challenges and winemakers had to learn how to cooperate and come to agreements. There are lots of issues that cannot be dealt on an individual level; tackling these issues needs regionwide consensus. Cooperation among Szekszárd winemakers started quite early and it included wine tasting sessions to establish a more consistent style for the region.


The completion of the designation regulations for the Szekszárd wine region was a landmark achievement, it paved the way for the establishment of an AOC based system. The regulations are continuously monitored and fine-tuned in order to achieve a designation that can improve the image of the wine region and thus increase the value of its wines.


It was this spirit of cooperation that brought about the development of the Szekszárd bottle. This bottle is exclusively reserved for the leading wine categories of the region: Szekszárd Bikavér, kékfrankos and kadarka. The wines are selected by a committee in blind tasting sessions thereby guaranteeing that the wines marketed in these bottles are faultless expressions of the variety and the wine style and reflect the local terroir.


It is also important to increase the involvement of younger people, the next generation in all matters concerning the wine region. It is their responsibility to continue the work started by the present generation and to elevate the wine region to the level of the best in Europe and to show what makes Szekszárd a special wine growing region.