Heimann Családi Birtok

All Heimann-wines display our signature care: grapes painstakingly sorted by hand both on the vines and at the sorting table, immediate, personal attention at all stages of vinification and slow ageing in large casks. Ours is a genuine family enterprise with all the joy working together can bring. Our world class wines reflect the Szekszárd terroir through the prism of our taste.


Address: 7100 Szekszárd, Iván-völgy-tető, 9814/13. hrsz.

Phone: +36 30 311 4490

E-mail: heimann@heimann.hu

Website: www.heimann.hu


Area under vine: 25 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 150.000

Languages: hungarian, english, german, russian

Credit card: yes

Opening hours: wineshop: Monday to Friday: 9:00-15:00, borkóstoló:  wine tasting only by appointment, mainly on Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday closed.