Fritz Pincészet

At our winery the family tradition of winemaking goes back to centuries. Our ancestors come from the village of Würmersheim in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and written evidence suggests that they were making wine as early as 1635. We dearly respect our heritage and Swabian roots; our goal is to achieve the highest attainable quality with our wines made from grapes grown in this excellent region.
Our vineyards are located within the Szekszárd wine region in the Aranydomb vineyard which boasts a special microclimate. Today we are farming 30 hectares in one single block and our wines have won numerous awards at prestiguous domestic and international wine competitions. For us hospitality is intimately linked to winemaking and all guests are welcome to visit our cellars. We also offer accommodation for guests and can provide facilities for special events of various sizes.


Address: Decs Szőlőhegy, Hrsz: 0201/48

Phone: +36 74 409 596, +36 30 5983 059




Area under vine: 30 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 200.000

Languages: german, english, hungarian

Credit card: yes

Opening hours (Official opening hours/visit by appointment):

winery: 7:00–15:00, the restaurant along with the cellar open from 12:00-22:00. Different timings available by special requests.