Tűzkő Birtok Pincészet

The Tűzkő Estate is situated in Bátaapáti. It was in 2000 that Marchese Piero Antinori whose family has been connected to the world of wine for 26 generations made the decison to take over the winery. The cooperage in Palotabozsok, Európai Kádárok Ltd where our own barrels are made also belongs to the Antinori empire. Strong character and high quality sets our wines apart. Guests are welcome to visit the winery, taste the wines and take a tour in the cooperage. Visitors can buy both bottled and bulk wine at the winery.


Address: 7164 Bátaapáti, Hűvösvölgy u. 4.

Phone: +36 74 409 222

E-mail: info@tuzkobirtok.hu

Website: www.tuzkobirtok.hu


Area under vine: 170 ha

Annual sales (bottles): 600.000

Languages: german, english, italian

Credit card: no

Opening hours (Official opening hours/visit by appointment): Monday to Thursday 8:00-16:00, Friday 8:00-14:00. Wine tasting out of opening hours available only by appointment.